Our Hotel Princesa Boutique is located in the heart of the Old Town of Marbella, a prominent place in the history of the city and the number 1 for tourism. Its architecture is a direct inheritance from the Al-Andalus era, which began in 711 with the arrival of the Muslims. The construction of the castle was their the most important building site, and you can still see the ashlars wall and the three Ionic capitals embedded in it . In 1485 the Arabs had no choice but to give the keys of “Marbiliya” to the Catholic Monarchs and those granted Marbella the title of City, very noble and very loyal.

So, at the heart of this emblematic place we are proud to offer an accommodation to all who would like to enjoy the luxurious and at the same time humble city Marbella. Our hotel is located 300 meters away from the beach, and is surrounded by all kinds of leisure (restaurants, shopping, golf, discos, etc.). This is a great opportunity for you!